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Clubhawk Measure

The Clubhawk is everyone’s favourite string measure. It has an easy-release, retractable, non-stretch string, for measures up to 2.8m (9′) in length

  • Compact, lightweight and durable moulded casing
  • Built in belt clip
  • Stowable calipers for that close measure
  • An ideal measure for umpires
  • Match your measure to your bowls club colours or show your support for your favourite sports team

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Henselite Telescopic Measure

Strong,ᅠdurable & accurate, the telescopic measure is an ideal measure for indoor bias bowls and can also be used in the game of outdoor lawn bowls. About the size of a large pen (155mm), this measure is easy to carry and store.

The Telescopic Measure has built in callipers and a pocket clip. Its extended length is 1005mm (40) and it has a 12.7mm (1/2) screw adjustment for an accurate measure, to minimise the risk of bowl movement. This measure is an asset to your umpires kit.

Henselite Telescopic Measure

Henselite Mini-Telescopic Measure

Henselock Measure

Its smooth action and retractable tape make the popular Henselock measure so easy to use. It’s ideal for measures up to 1.9m in length.

The Henselock Measure has a durable, moulded casing and a rustproof, steel-coated tape 1.9 metres in length (6’2″). The Henselock Measure also includes separate callipers for a close measure which store away tidily inside the measure casing.

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Prohawk Measure

With an 11 ft nylon string, the Prohawk measure is ideal for long measures

The Prohawk measure is a must for any umpires kit.


Premier Boule Measure

The European Premier Boule Measure is an asset for all bowlers. It has a steel tape with protective coating and is perfect for measures up to 2m.

The Premier Boule Measure features:

  • Double scoring dial for competitive games
  • Fixed retractable callipers for accurate small distance measures
  • Two metre steel tape with protective coating
  • Smooth running retractable tape for user safety and durability of the measure
  • Side jack positioning pivot, minimising possibility of jack movement when measuring and increasing accuracy of measuring
  • Easily depressed release brake
  • Attractively coloured and contoured making it extremely popular with all bowlers