Polishing and Cleaning

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Betts Bowls Grip Tube


Popular combination polish and grip. Adds lustre to bowls when polished and adds grip when applied to fingers.

Provides good grip and perfect control, Betts Bowl Grip is a proven performer in wet conditions.

To use: simply massage Betts Bowl Grip all over the bowl with hands until they start to draw on the bowl, then polish with a soft cloth, towel or sleeve.

Bulldog Grip


When stored in your pocket whilst bowling, Bulldog Grip can be used to keep hands dry and provide you with a smooth controlled delivery.

Ideal for wet weather play, Bulldog Grip is convenient to use and will not stain clothing.

To use: soften by squashing it between the heels of the hand. Once it has been softened it can be applied by lightly rolling it in the finger tips. The application of a thin film of the grip to the fingertips provides a positive grip on the bowl. A small amount of grip will transfer to the bowl and, by using a polishing cloth, can assist in keeping a polished sheen on your bowls.

 Champion Grip Spray


Convenient pressure pack that provides an excellent grip and sheen to your bowls.

To use: shake can before application from a distance of approx. 10cm (4 inches). Spray Champion Grip lightly in two places onto bowl. Spread over the entire surface of the bowl. Allow to dry briefly and then polish in the usual manner.

Carpet friendly.

Henselite Bowls Polishing Outfit


A great gift for any bowler! This bright attractive package that including everything they need to keep their bowls looking and performing at their best.

The pack includes 1 x Grippo Tube, 1 x Polishing Cloth, and 1 x Deluxe Lawn Bowls Polishing Sleeve.

Henselite Grippo Jar


Most popular grip & polish

The popular bowls polish with that extra bit of ‘tackiness’ than its namesake in the tube – the original formula remains unchanged for over 50 years.

Henselite Grippo Tube


The best-selling bowls polish in the world. Grippo will keep your bowls looking their best, assists with grip and is easy to apply.

Grippo comes in a convenient screw cap tube.

To use: apply sparingly to surface of bowl, allow to dry, polish with soft bowls cloth, towel or polishing sleeve

Henselite Wilgrip Tube


Wilgrip is the world renowned multipurpose concentrated sports grip. It assists sure handling grip and delivery and is ideal for use in wet and slippery conditions or wherever ball sports are played.

Wilgrip is waterproof so it’s ideal for providing that extra “tackiness” in wet weather conditions

 Henselite Synthetic Chamois


An ultra-absorbent cloth to remove moisture, wipe bowls clean and keep hands dry. Packed in a quality white plastic tube for prolonged usage.

To use:

  • Wet before use
  • Keep slightly damp in container
  • If cloth becomes dry, soak in water
  • To clean, wash with soap & water

 Henselite Wilgrip Tin – 500ml


Wilgrip is the world renowned multipurpose concentrated sports grip. It assists sure ball handling and grip and is ideal for use in wet and slippery conditions or wherever ball sports are played.

  • Multi-purpose waterproof sports grip
  • Improve your grip in wet weather conditions
  • Cleanly receive and maintain possession
  • Reduce hand muscle fatigue
  • 500ml (430g) tin, suitable for rugby and other sports

Henselite Polishing Sleeve – Deluxe


Long wearing knitted 76cm (30″) sleeve that gives bowls that extra lustre.

To use: apply your chosen grip or polish to the bowl and then place inside the sleeve, holding each end firmly. Move from side to side so that the bowl moves along the sleeve, polishing its surface.

Henselite Polishing Cloth


Polishing Cloth approx. 508mm x 457mm (20” x 18”).

Regulation White. Selected quality premium flannelette that has a nap on both sides… Long wearing and washable.

Henselite Polishing Sleeve – Standard


Made In Australia.

Quality cotton knit – puts that extra shine on your bowls. Durable and long-wearing